Madeline McFadden-Nunez

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Madeline Nunez is a former journalist who has parlayed her professional skills into those of a full-time homemaker and community advocate.  She moved into the neighborhood in June of 1999 after marrying her husband.  Their home on Doheny Drive was to be a starter house, but they fell in love with the neighborhood and put down deep roots.  They raised their son here and Madeline’s desire to be involved in the neighborhood was in part motivated by making it a better place for him to grow up.

Her concern about runaway construction moved her to advocate outside of the neighborhood and join forces with residents on lower Doheny who shared similar concerns.  Among their accomplishments: the Bird Street Hillside Ordinance which limits construction and hauling hours and gives neighbors a break from construction on Saturdays and holidays (it wasn’t always that way!) and the Bird Street Capping System which limits how many daily trips haul trucks can make in the hills. That alliance laid the groundwork  of what is now the Doheny Sunset Plaza Neighborhood Association.  Madeline has also organized a private security patrol in the area and co-hosted a fundraiser for City Councilman David Ryu who she has found to be a responsive representative.

Now that some of the construction dust in  the neighborhood is starting to settle, if reelected, she is committed to ushering in the next phase of Doheny Estate’s evolution and addressing quality of life issues  including: management of current construction and enforcement of the city’s construction ordinance, compliance for LA’s new air b&b ordinance, acquisition of guardhouse and additional security cameras and patrols (which would mean much higher property values and peace of mind!) preservation of views, replenishment of appropriate foliage for native habitat, further utilization of the HOA website, continued alliance with the Doheny/Sunset Neighborhood and other neighborhood associations, and community building events.