David Pullman

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David Pullman is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of The Pullman Group,® LLC founded in New York City and now based in the entertainment capital of the world Los Angeles, California, where he heads all investment, debt, structured finance and asset backed securitization arenas for the firm as the head of The Pullman Group, ® LLC. Mr. Pullman has over two decades of experience on Wall Street, starting as a real estate, land, property, residential and commercial, whole loan, and mortgaged-backed, and asset- backed securities trader and working at primary dealers. Mr. Pullman has traded, securitized and executed asset sales with an aggregate value in the billions of dollars. Following his undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Pullman went on to the Wharton Graduate School of Finance.

David Pullman, in 1997, created the first ever world famous $55 million dollar landmark deal for David Bowie, the first Pullman BondTM deal for future music royalties for which he became known as Pullman BondsTM. A Pullman BondTM is a financing of music and entertainment royalties that allows the original creator or owner to maintain I00% ownership of the assets that are financed. The Pullman Group,® LLC developed these deals to empower artists and creators of intellectual property. These Pullman BondsTM include the works of the “Motown Hit Machine” Holland-Dozier-Holland, James Brown, Ashford and Simpson, the Isley Brothers, and Marvin Gaye.

David Pullman’s passion for art, music, and culture forayed Pullman into positions over the years on the Committees of most of the best known museums in America including the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Circle, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Hammer Museum Fellow, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Contemporaries, Getty Museum Patron, and Lifetime Voting Member of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, as well as Twenty (20) Year Recognition as Member of the National Academy of Recording Artists Society (NARAS), and longtime charity patron of the MusiCares Foundation, Songs of Hope, Spirit of Life, City of Hope, and many others. He also has a long history of competitive running and is currently a member of Track Club Los Angeles and had a USA Track & Field of Southern California (SoCal) Cross Country Grand Prix named after him the Pullman Cross Country Grand Prix based on his long historical leadership in the sport.

Pullman Mission Statement

I have lived in Doheny Estates for over fifteen years and am dedicated to making this the best possible version of itself for the entire community by maximizing property and land values. I believe we should have greater transparency and have all members of the community establishing the direction of the association not just the board members. To accomplish this, I believe we need to focus on the following:

Annual elections: This association needs to have the annual elections required by the association’s own rules, not elections whenever it wants to.

Expansion: For decades the board had nine members which better represented the entire community. We need to end the five-person board and go back to the maximum instead of the minimum.

Term limits: Term limits that a board member can serve will be needed. In addition, we should have a rotation of each title of the board members every year so there will be checks and balances.

Financial Reporting: it’s a requirement and every member deserves to know the financial status of the association, so we are not spending money we don’t have.

Transparency: Information shall be disseminated on a regular basis to its members with no prolonged series of radio silence for years about what is going on in the association.